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Healing Heart Circle

So much of who we are is hidden behind the masks that we wear and, in time, we forget who we are and how to touch that part of our us that is real.  Soon, we go to sleep and forget how to wake up to our purpose, our hearts and the hearts  of those around us.  Healing heart circles, modelled on the work of Christian Pankhurst from Heart IQ and Tej Steiner, author of "Waking up with everyone around us", gives you the opportunity to awaken your heart in the presence of others while engaging in conscious communication and your felt sense to reveal your deepest longings that may have been trapped beneath your masks.  Everyone is welcome, everyone is championed and everyone has the opportunity to experience deep healing as you work in dyads and larger groups to move beyond conditioned beliefs to reveal your awakened heart.  Join Diana on Sunday August 26 from 11:30-1 pm.  Donation based (minimum $20) (feel free to bring a sitting cushion).

Low Back Therapeutic Workshop

Do you deal with chronic low back pain? Have you resolved to living with pain? Are you a Yoga Teacher or a YTT graduate wanting to learn how to help your clients heal their pain? It begins with the simple truth that freedom from pain is our birthright and we can heal our bodies with some simple therapeutic principles. Join Diana on August 26 from 1-3 for this healing 2 hour low back workshop. $40.

Heart IQ Experience

"In just 2 days you can discover more about yourself than you could in a lifetime. It’s the benefit of being in an amplified field together with a tribe of courageous, loving and open Hearts".

Christian Pankhurst, from Amsterdam, is an international skillful group facilitator with the ability to read a room and create a safe environment to liberate your bound energy, step into your strength, power and worthiness, and transform your wounds into gifts. As you release the bound energy that holds you back in your life, you will learn to receive your deepest longings and connect with an open heart to let in others and fully feel your joy.

1)Come for One Day: Saturday 10:30 am-6 pm 
2)Come for the weekend: Sat/Sunday Inclusive of Saturday 10:30-10 pm (with sufficient breaks) AND Sunday 9-5:30.
3)Go deeper: Weekend workshop + Monday Heart IQ Sacred Theatre Day. (Monday 9-6)

Early Bird: before Aug 12

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