Prayati Yoga

Yoga by donation

What kind of yoga do you offer?

Prayati Yoga offers warm/hot (30-32 degrees) hatha yoga, meaning a physical & postural yoga class.  Classes are open to all levels of experience and abilities regardless of the pose being presented, modifications and variations can be be suggested/applied to allow the participant to honour themselves while in the pose. Classes are intended to build strength, flexibility and a calm attitude that can extend beyond your time on the mat.  Each class is unique, with a combination of flow and deeper holds in the asanas (poses) to allow your body to benefit from increased strength and flexibility, your mind to relax into a deep meditative flow and your heart to soften to it's original nature of joy.

Is it a set sequence/series?

Every class is uniquely inspired.  Areas of focus will change from class to class, from hip openers, to arm strengthening, to balancing, every class will keep you focused on the present moment and to allow you to find the edge of your understanding of your body's abilities. Classes are breath focused while teaching to the heart of the student. 

How much are classes?

This is a donation based yoga studio.  We have discarded many administrative expenses to be able to offer great yoga at an affordable cost.  It is suggested you offer a min. $5 donation to the instructor that is guiding you through your practice unless there is a posted cost for a workshop or program.

What do I need for class?

Wear comfortable, breathable, clothing  and bring your yoga mat.  If you don't have a yoga mat, there are a few at the studio that you can use.  The studio is equipped with washrooms/change-rooms.  Bring an openness to connect to yourself in the moment to release expectation of where "you think" you should go in a pose - everyday is different, so is your body.

Do you have level II or advanced classes?

Classes are available to all levels of abilities as stepping stones will always be offered.  For those who feel like more of a challenge, the stepping stones will be moved further apart as options in a pose or flow. Beginners will be offered modifications and props. Therapeutic practices are always offered to invite healing and health of your body. Check our website or facebook page (prayati yoga) for workshops that will take your practice to the next level.