Prayati Yoga

Yoga by donation


Prayati Yoga is excited to welcome Christian Pankhurst from HEART IQ back to Canada for 2 amazing events.  

Until now, there has never been a system to harness all of it TOGETHER, to integrate it and LEVERAGE, AMPLIFY and CHANNEL the impact of all these aspects coming together from the HEART to create a super human power that will transform your personal and professional life.

If you want to feel more joy in your life, while learning how to connect more deeply to others in a real, authentic way, then this will light you up! 



                                                                        Evening 3 hour Heart IQ Journey:  June 19 - 7-10 $40

                                                                        Full day experiential session: June 20, 10-5 $150

                                                                        register here:  


                                                                     Coming SOON in October, stay tuned for a 4 day event including facilitator training. 

The following classes will be cancelled on those two days: Tuesday 8:30 pm; Wednesday 10 am, noon and 5:30 pm. 




Prayati Yoga is a donation based yoga studio located in north west Mississauga.  Prayati Yoga offers hatha (physical) yoga classes in a heated room (30-32 degrees) 7 days a week.